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I used to live in Paharganj area and I worked at Connaught place. I had a very dull life as I worked in a store as a sales guy. There I used to assist customers with their electronics requirement. I used to work for very long hours and I was not having any gEscorts in Paharganj either. I had one colleague who was from Delhi itself. He also worked with me in my store. Unlike me, he remained happy and he was satisfied with life. I always used to wonder that how did he remain so happy in life. Both of us were in our early 30’s and we were unmarried. Although I was looking for a girl to get married to I didn’t know about his current status.

One day both of us were sitting together and having lunch. I asked him that how he spent his life. He was not telling me much but he told me he also did not have any Paharganj Escorts either. Then I asked him how he spends his free time. Then he waited for a bit and he asked me if I lived in Paharganj area. I told him all about where I live in Paharganj. Then, he smiled and told me that you live in one of the best places in Delhi. I was a bit confused and I asked him what did he meant. Now, he shared with him his secret to living happily.

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He told me he has done sex with super beautiful girls who are actually very difficult to get in normal life. The Paharganj Escorts Service were very affordable too and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your time. I took his advice and then he gave me a mobile number and address. I saw that the address was actually very near to my flat so I went there one weekend. I was asked to choose any girl who I found hot enough. I was happy with my choice as she was a hot looking Milf. I had always wanted to experience cute escort girls and finally, my dream had come true. I also came to know that there were many Independent escorts in Paharganj too.